Hassan Tower

The Golden Jewel

"... Place of openness, passage and mixing that welcomes us today, is in itself the symbol of a harmonious balance.."
Discours du roi Mohammed VI dans l'esplanade de la Tour Hassan

Speech by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in the esplanade of the Hassan Tower on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis in 2019

The Two buildings

Hassan Tower

History & Architecture

Yacoub al Mansour AI Photo - Midjourney
The Sultan without whom the Tower would not exist
"Hassan Tower, half unfinished, half made of gold"

The story began when the Almohad caliph Yacoub Al Mansour wanted to make the city of Rabat the capital of his empire which stretched from Tripolitania (Libya) to Castile (Spain) and to build the largest mosque in the world. From there begins the existence of the Hassan Tower, the jewel of the capital.

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Events & activities related to the Hassan Tower

The Mausoleum Mohammed V and the Hassan Tower Place have witnessed many important events in the history of Morocco.

Here we present to you some of the most memorable moments that took place in front of their walls and columns.

Le pape François et le roi du Maroc Mohammed VI sur l’esplanade de la Tour Hassan
Zellige marocain - décoration de la Tour Hassan


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the Tower is a jewel of the city of Rabat. It is essential to go to the capital without seeing, even if for once, the Tower.

The Tower was built in 1196. for more details check our article “History of Hassan Tower

The Tower was built by Caliph Yacoub Al Mansour

The Tower is located on a hill overlooking the city of Rabat. Visit our page to see the exact path.

The Esplanade de la Tour is accessible from sunrise to sunset


Our photo gallery

We have chosen for you this list of photos that show the architectural beauty of the monuments

Words from Hassan Tower visitors

Beautiful landmark. Started on 12th century, never finished. Well preserved. Next to Mausoleum of Mohammed V. Located in a nice neighborhood. Good view to river and theatre house. Free entrance.
Arvi L.
Interesting architecture and huge premises but it’s been closed , can not be visited. You can only see it partially as it’s surrounded by walls and closed fences. The location is very clean and neatly maintained. Must visit places in Rabat. No tickets needed.
Swati M.
This site is really impressive. The way the culture is emphasized and the experience you can build from the prayers and chanting inside. It was definitely worth the visit!
Shanda Felix.

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