What to do in Rabat?

Découverte de Rabat Txema Marin - Unsplash Licence

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a must-see destination for those visiting the country. With its many historic sites, lush gardens, and beautiful architecture, there’s plenty to see and do in just a day or two. In this post we answer your question “What to do in Rabat”

Wake up in the city center, or simply Rabat ville (for the regulars)

What to do in Rabat? a walk in city flap
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Start your day from the Rabat Ville train station, located on Boulevard Mohammed V. The large boulevard of Rabat which passes between the Moroccan Parliament and the buildings of the colonial period. The boulevard leads to the Souk “Bab el Had”, the first door of the Medina. On this boulevard you can find several cafes that offer nice breakfasts including the cafe “la Comédie“. And if you are a fan of morning fresh fruit juices look no further than the lecheria “Top Batido” (you found the best).

A free swim from the Medina to the Oudayas

What to do in Rabat? a free swim in the Medina
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From “Bab el Had” where life begins around 10am, you can start your tour of the Medina. This is the historic heart of the city. Here you can explore the narrow streets and colorful souks. It is an ideal place to discover Moroccan culture and go shopping.

The “grand” boulevard de la Medina, or rue des Consuls, overlooks the Kasbah of the Oudayas, a beautiful historic district located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You will see ramparts, white houses and lush gardens. It is known for its traditional architecture and its breathtaking view of the meeting place of the ocean and the Bouregrag River. If you would like to savor this landscape, the Moorish café will be the right address. The area is considered one of the best places to walk and take pictures. Our favorites of this place are the Andalusian gardens, the Kasbah, the café des Maures and the panorama of the sea.

A sunset at the foot of the Hassan Tower

What to do in Rabat? a sunset at the foot of the Hassan Tower
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Next, make a stop at the Hassan Tower, Rabat’s historic minaret. This beautiful tower was constructed in the 12th century and was intended to be the largest mosque in the world, but construction was halted due to the death of the Sultan Yacoub al-Mansour. Despite its incomplete state, the tower remains an impressive sight and is considered one of the finest examples of Almohad architecture.

Just next to the tower, don’t forget to visit the Mausoleum Mohammed V, also called “the Tomb of the Kings”. This royal complex was built after the death of King Mohammed V and houses the tombs of the late King Hassan II and his brother Prince Moulay Abdellah. The mausoleum is known for its traditional Moroccan architecture and interior decorations, with intricate patterns and designs covering the walls and ceilings.

Visitors of the mausoleum can also see a changing of the guard ceremony, which is a fascinating glimpse into Moroccan military culture. The mausoleum is a serene and peaceful place, and a must-see for anyone visiting Rabat.

Night walk on the edge of Bouregrag

What to do in Rabat? a night walk on the edge of Bouregrag
Le Dhow

To end the day, take a walk on the Corniche, the coastal edge along the Bouregreg, while admiring the view of the Grand Theater of Rabat and the new Mohammed VI Tower on the other side. The quays of the river are lively with numerous bars and restaurants, in particular the unmissable ship “Le Dhow“.